Technology should only ever be a means to an end,

never the end unto itself.


This simple yet often over-looked premise serves as the foundation for this blog, which focuses on the intersection of user needs and technological innovation. Everything discussed is seen through an advertising and marketing communications lens. You will find longer-form pieces that cover both larger over-arching theories and more pointed, applied practical information. If there is anything you’d like me to explore, just drop me a line.

Who Writes This?

I’m Gracie. I work at Y&R London as their Creative Technologist, a role I affectionately refer to as part-strategist, part-mad-scientist. With a background in science, I’ve carried that same curiosity through to my work in the advertising industry, and it’s this curiosity that helps fuel me to unearth hidden truths about consumers and their relationships with brands (and technology).

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Figuring out how to facilitate communication between the two in a way that really makes a difference, and where technology can fit into the equation, is what I’m most passionate about. I’ve worked with some of the world’s best-loved brands, including:


Means Not End // McDonald's        Means Not End // BBC        Means Not End // Premier League        Means Not End // Center Parcs        Means Not End // Green & Black's

Means Not End // Danone        Means Not End // JD Williams        Means Not End // Play-Doh        Means Not End // Porsche        Means Not End // Royal British Legion


The role for technology in advertising can be confusing, and it’s time to change that. Instead of asking “what cool tech thing can we build into this?” we should always start with the user-centric question “what job is this person trying to accomplish?” and then seek to enable this using technology. This premise propels me in everything I do here at Y&R, and also in my roles as digital marketing mentor at Cambridge University Judge Business School, and mentorship at The Friday Club. As a Tech London Advocate and Mayor of London “Digital Pioneer”, I am always interested in how emerging technologies represent opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers in new and meaningful ways.

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