“Booming Bots and the Appsolutely Obsolete” Shots Tech Special Edition

Earlier this year (July in fact – a now-distant memory) I wrote a piece about chatbots. Specifically, about how branded chatbots can work for our clients. Is it just another buzzword many of my colleagues can no longer stomach due to severe over-use? (I’ve tried to be frugal with the term myself, but what’s a woman to do when a chatbot genuinely is the best answer to the brief?) Or do chatbots really represent the a new normal for brands to interact, both transactionally and emotionally, with their customers? I’ve been sitting on the piece since summer waiting for this printed gem to drop into my pigeonhole here at Y&R Towers. And it’s finally here:

Shots Tech Special Edition, November 2017

A Shots subscriber? You can find my full article on the topic (complete with handy frameworks) in this month’s issue (that’s number 172, if anyone’s counting).

If you’re not privy to peek past the paywall (alliteration is so satisfying) then get in touch for a chat instead. Or read this post, also about chatbots (but arguably less brand-focused).

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